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Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush

Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush

Chemical Guys

  • £10.95

The Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush makes it easy to clean and condition any foam, microfiber, or wool buffing and polishing pad.

While polishing with a machine, pads fill up with spent polish, removed paint residue and any leftover contamination stuck on the surface. This residue clogs up foam pores, holds down microfiber threads, tangles wool strands and reduces polishing effectiveness enough to ruin any job.

Clean polish and paint residue from any type of buffing pad with the Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush.

Cleaning out residue restores full cutting capability for faster and more effective polishing.

Key Features:

  • Clean pads cut better and last longer
  • Easily scrubs residue and dirt all foam, microfiber and wool polishing pads
  • Clean and condition any buffing and polishing pad
  • Made with durable synthetic bristles
  • Rugged plastic handle lasts for years of comfortable use
  • Ergonomic design easily used on or off machine
  • Saves time and money while cleaning or replacing polishing pads

How To Use:

  1. Carefully remove the polishing pad from the hook and loop backing plate.
  2. Spray 1-3 spritzes of clean water, then scrub vigorously with the Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush.
  3. Rinse the pad with running water, then gently wring out excess water and loosened debris.
  4. Let the pad air dry, or give it a couple quick spins on your machine polisher to knock out any remaining water before returning to work.
  5. Make sure to spin the pad in a safe direction that can get wet.

Pack contents:  1x Chemical Guys Foam Pad Cleaning Brush

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