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Chemical Guys Dilution Spray Bottle 473ml

Chemical Guys Dilution Spray Bottle 473ml

Chemical Guys

  • £3.99

A super-handy 473ml spray bottle for diluting your favourite Chemical Guys products, or for using Chemical Guys 2.27L (Half Gallon) or 3.78L (Gallon) sprayable products.

The bottle features a dilution ratio chart, taking the guess work out of diluting key products depending on where you're working on your vehicle.

This heavy duty detailing bottle with natural sprayer head holds and sprays 473ml of your favourite detailing chemicals. Buy your favourite Chemical Guys cleaner, degreaser, spray wax, spray sealant, or sprayable dressing and protectant by the gallon or half-gallon, then pour them into this clear, secondary container bottle and get to work!

The 473ml capacity is the same as all the other quantities sold by Chemical Guys, but you have the freedom to mix your own custom dilution for targeted detailing that saves even more money.

  • We normally recommend diluting cleaners and degreasers 10:1 for tough messes;
  • 20:1 for lighter messes.

Skip the measuring cups and turn the bottle to the printed dilution ratio chart for easy mixing and blending. Pour your preferred chemical to the desired dilution ratio line printed on the side, then fill to the top with clean, filtered water.

The natural sprayer head included with these secondary bottles are the same sprayers that you know and have used with every sprayable Chemical Guys product.

The bottle comes printed with GHS-compliant communication labelling for improved safety in your professional detailing shop or enthusiast garage setting. Easily mark the bottle to communicate the chemical name and indicate any type of potential hazards and handling precautions for a safer work environment.

Easily use your gallons of detailing products and mix your own custom dilution blend for professional detailing results with the Chemical Guys Secondary Container Dilution Spray Bottle 473ml.

Pack contents:  1x Chemical Guys Dilution Spray Bottle 473ml

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