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Bouncer's Vanilla Ice Classic Wax 100ml

Bouncer's Vanilla Ice Classic Wax 100ml


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Vanilla Ice is a high volume, high spec T1 carnauba wax, with vanilla extract oils from the Fruits of the Planifolia Vine. Combined with organic coconut and selective citrus oils, Vanilla Ice has been blended to create that brilliant warm, glossy finish that many car owners require.

This is an easy to use wax with at least 3 months of durability. It will offer a fluid, wet-look on the lines and angles of your bodywork, bringing out the metallic 'fleck'. It also provides nice, tight beading and good water sheeting behaviour.

Furthermore, Detailing World nominated Vanilla Ice for their Wax Product of the Year in 2013.

Key Features:

  • Handmade and handpoured to a unique blend in the UK
  • 3-4 months of durability
  • High spec blend with full T1 grade carnauba wax and specialist oils

Pack contents: 1x Bouncer's Vanilla Ice Classic Wax 100ml

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