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Auto Finesse Spritz Interior Detailer 500ml

Auto Finesse Spritz Interior Detailer 500ml

Auto Finesse

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Auto Finesse Spritz is an interior quick detailer with a coconut scent, capable of both lightly cleaning and protecting interior plastics and vinyl all in one step.

Spritz is the perfect interior dressing for those times when you simply want to maintain that factory fresh interior finish of a brand new car.

Its easy-to-use water-based formula is packed with UV-inhibitors to protect against fading and leaves behind a natural matte finish that is dry to the touch.


Auto Finesse Spritz is suitable to use on all modern plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces.

  1. If the interior is heavily soiled, first clean with a mild interior all-purpose cleaner like Auto Finesse Total before applying Spritz. For light dust, fingerprints and mild interior films, Auto Finesse Spritz can be used on its own.
  2. Begin by giving the bottle a good shake to integrate the ingredients. Lightly mist a section at a time with Auto Finesse Spritz, and buff to a clean, matte finish using a general purpose Microfiber Towel.
  3. Alternately, you can spray the product directly onto a microfiber towel, spread it onto the surface and then flip the cloth to a dry side to buff off the residue.

Pack contents:  1x Auto Finesse Spritz Interior Detailer 500ml

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