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Auto Finesse Lather 500ml

Auto Finesse Lather 500ml

Auto Finesse

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Lather is Auto Finesse's signature, pH neutral car shampoo.  It's safe for all gloss paint types and colours, as well as gloss vinyl wraps.

Lather can be used after Auto Finesse's Avalanche Snow Foam for a consistent, pH neutral wash process.

How To Use:

Lather car shampoo is perfect for a number of different wash applications. Lather comes neat and can be diluted down to meet your needs. Even in its neat form, Lather car shampoo is pH neutral - meaning it will not strip wax or sealant coats.

  1. Fill your wash bucket with clean, warm water.
  2. Squirt a gauged amount of Lather or measure one to three capfuls of Lather into your water; more Lather = more suds!
  3. Blast your wash water with your hose or rotate the water with your wash mitt to create suds ready to apply to your vehicle.

Pack contents:  1x Auto Finesse Lather 500ml

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