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Alchemy Ceramic Wax (200ml)

Alchemy Ceramic Wax (200ml)


  • £29.99

Alchemy Ceramic Wax is a paste wax with great durability and gloss. 

Ceramic Wax from Alchemy uses advanced hybrid technology to create an easy to use paste wax which offers up to 12 months of protection and is extremely hydrophobic.

Alchemy Ceramic Wax can be used as a stand alone wax but also as a topper for a ceramic coating if desired. Traditional paste waxes are not best suited on top of a ceramic coating and can hamper the performance of the coating, however a ceramic wax won't do that.


Ensure vehicle is clean and free of any contaminants. Do not apply in direct sunlight and ensure surface is cool. Using a slightly dampened foam wax applicator, apply thin even coats to the paint surface. Allow the product to haze and buff any remaining residue using a clean microfibre towel.

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