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- #PRÌMUS has a detergent power and a high degree of safety in its category. Easily removes bugs, resins, road dirt even the most stubborn, without mechanical action.

#PRÌMUS is very versatile in the various dilutions of use: it can clean rims, wheel arcs and the most delicate parts of the bodywork. With the use of a foam gun, it creates an adherent, compact and wet foam that allows dirt to dissolve quickly as well as easy rinsing. Moreover, thanks to its low evaporation characteristics, it can be applied also on normal spray dispensers, avoiding annoying residue of dried product in the drying phase.

- The limescale particles that are deposited on the bodywork, resulting from less than perfect drying, summer storms or acid rain, drastically reduce the beading effect: #PURIFICA solves the problemat its source, effectively yet gently dissolving and sequestering the calcium deposited on the body or residues of contamination from acid rain, thereby restoring the coating’s freshly-applied appearance. This maintenance nano-shampoo with acid pH, true novelty in the world of detailing, features a mix of noble buffered acids.

Extremely innovative, it removes the thin film left by limescale residues, which deposits on the bodywork, enhancing and revitalising the characteristics of previously applied nano-coating and sealants. Its buffered noble acids, specifically developed, also allow #PURÌFICA to respect wax or protection layers.

- #SÈMPER is a neutral maintenance, super-concentrated shampoo with a high lubricating action. Featuring excellent cleaning properties and a pleasant scent,

#SÈMPER is completely safe on previously applied nano-coatings and sealing treatments: it may be used without removing the underlying wax layers, even the most delicate, such as the carnauba-based ones and is “Easy To Rinse” with a spray nozzle. Its special features assure it may be used with excellent results, also with a foam gun.

#SÈMPER, without any waxes or brightness enhancers, does not cause stripes and may be used on windows as well. Its lather has been developed to dissolve the dirt on the car’s surface, encapsulate it and keep it in suspension, removing it safely yet gently. Its high foaming properties, jointly with remarkable lubrication, create a “foam pillow” that allows #SÈMPER to wash the car with no risk of the dirt damaging the body.

- #REVITAX Wash & Coat Shampoo
• The next generation of neutral shampoo, “Wash&Coat” washes, seals, protects and extends the life of the previously applied coating.
• On untreated cars, it is able to assure gloss and protection, equal to nano-sealants.
• With excellent cleaning properties and good lubrication, it adheres and protects wonderfully, assuring extremely high beading and sheeting levels up to 4 months.
• Consisting of a mixture of solubilised siloxanes that adhere to the body assuring protection, silkiness and resistance, with excellent foaming and lubrication during washing.
• Although it is a neutral product, it has excellent cleaning properties: it dissolves and softens dirt.
• It does not interfere with nano-protectives applied on windows and leaves no halos or streaks.
• Utmost ease of use and easy correction of detailer errors (thanks to our exclusive “I Forgive You” technology).
• Thoroughly researched, developed and tested by Mafra laboratories in cooperation with the most prestigious sports car makers worldwide.


Kit 3ph Contain:

  • #Labocosmetica #Primus 1 litre
  • #Labocosmetica #Purifica 1 litre
  • #Labocosmetica #Semper 500ml
  • #Labocosmetica #Revitax 500ml

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