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#LABOCOSMETICA Decontamination Kit

#LABOCOSMETICA Decontamination Kit


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- #Labocosmetica #Lubrifica is a lubricant for claying, sanding and polishing.

It is a highly dilutable concentrated product. Thanks to its innovative formula, it creates a sort of non-stick and lubricated barrier minimising friction. It allows the clay bar to slide over the surface, preventing scratches and swirls, maintaining maximum efficiency and lubrication even in the presence of very abrasive clay bars, clay mitts or clay blocks. These qualities make it ideal for sanding or polishing operations since it can even be used to perform priming on the pad before and during polishing.

#Lubrifica is silane-free, therefore it does not interfere in the polishing cycle and has a high cleaning capacity to remove dust and residues from the surface formed during the polishing phase, without leaving marks or streaks. It is compatible with any type of clay, keeping it long-lasting and preventing porous disintegration which, for example would happen if using a classic detergent as a lubricant.

- #SIDERO from Labocosmetica was developed for professionals who need a highly concentrated and scented decontaminating product, that can also be used indoors without the unpleasant sulphur smell that is typical of these products.

#SIDERO is ideal for the decontamination of cars that are highly contaminated with ferrous and mineral residues that build up on the bodywork, rims and windows as caused by rail transport or parking next to steel plants or railway stations or city pollution and acid rain.

The product uses F.R.G. technology (Fluid Reverse in Gel) which gives it high adherence to vertical surfaces, even when diluted, as well as practical, homogeneous and easy dispensing, features that are uncommon for gel products.

Once #SIDERO is dispensed, it is characterised by slow drying that lets it work more effectively and completely safely even in situations where there is no possibility of decontaminating the car in the shade away from the sun.

#SIDERO is highly lubricated for cleaning the gaps of painted rims with a brush, avoiding any swirls.

- #HYDRA is a multi-purpose hyper dressing for a vast range of applications, specific for external and internal plastic car parts. Easy to spread and apply and offering optimal coverage, #HYDRA ensures excellent resistance to washout, even chemical. Its fluoropolymer structure guarantees a duration of about 3 months on the surfaces, protecting them from the UV rays, which damage rubber, plastic, vinyl, leather and acrylic materials, reviving the colour without greasing.

 #HYDRA withstands stains, effectively protecting against water and dirt, assuring extremely high protection and excellent beading effect.

 #HYDRA is water-based, does not contain any solvents or silicones and respects surfaces: even at the end of its duration cycle, it does not release residues and does not discolour plastic parts.


Kit Contains:

  • #Labocosmetica #Lubrifica 500ml
  • #Labocosmetica #Sidero 500ml
  • #Labocosmetica #Hydra 500ml


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