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The Vonixx story begins in mid-2005, with the manufacture and development of products for cleaning, maintenance and automotive aesthetics. Under the name of Quimiflex, we started our operations in Ceará, serving locally and with a basic product line.

We became Vonixx and, with the growth of the organization, we expanded and restructured our activity. So we become the company with the broadest range of products for automotive aesthetics of the country. And the growth did not stop, our plants, which today has an area of ​​more than 6200m², is already in the new expansion to bring to market more technology in production and product development.

All this walk, always in partnership with our customers has enabled us to get where we are. And, above all, passionate about cars as you and dedicated to delivering the best that we have. After conquering Brazil, expanded again, having now come in more than 20 countries.

As a company in the northeast, we were lucky to be in one place in the world where naturally produce Carnaubeiras carnauba wax. This being one of the most important raw materials present in many of our products, we maintain strict quality control from cultivation to the end product. Possessing also a bold goal to cultivate 10,000 feet by the end of the year in our Caraúbas Reserve, which has planted over 7000 feet Carnaubeiras.

Coming out of this wonderful land, we come to the most distant points of the globe. Always proud to raise this flag carnauba representing our world country out. Extending the world committed to innovation and quality that we have with Brazil.

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