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Colourlock Leather Repair & Care Training Day - 26th April 2019

Colourlock Leather Repair & Care Training Day - 26th April 2019


  • £75.00
  • Save £25

Have you ever wanted to know more about leather care and how it could help you and your business?  Learning how to clean leather, identifying the different types of leather and then moving into how to colour mix and recolouring faded and worn seats? If yes, this course would be perfect for you. 

The course which is held at our premises in Aldershot, Hampshire is hosted by Ram Iyer, The UK Managing Director and will be available for 5 trainees. 

The training day is to be held on the 26th April and will cost £100.00 per person with a limit of 5 people. 

Who’s it for? Professionals wanting to offer leather repair services

The day will cover:

  • Theory session – overview of the different types of leather & how automotive leather is manufactured
  • Theory session – overview of Colourlock products for detailers
  • Practical session – cleaning & removal of dirt, water spots & stubborn stains like dye transfer & biro
  • Practical session - Colour mixing 
  • Practical session – re-colouring faded or worn seats & upholstery
  • Summary & Re-cap
Special discounts on all Colourlock products. 

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