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Bouncers HSiO2 Synthetic SiO2 Sealant Concentrate 100ml

Bouncers HSiO2 Synthetic SiO2 Sealant Concentrate 100ml


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Bouncers HSiO2 is a fully concentrated water miscible polymer sealant.  Not only will it work with Bouncer products but it will also work with other manufactures water based products.  

Imagine this product as a "Turbo Charger" If you will.   With Advanced polymer/silane tech ofter found in many high end Si offerings. 

This is a full kit comprising of: 

1x100ml concentrate
1x100ml Spare bottle with trigger
1x 10ml measuring syringe
1x 40x40cm microfibre
1x pair of PPE Nitrile Gloves.

Below is a guide to get the best out of the product: 

HSio2 is a synthetic polymer sealant based upon the si02 chemical hydrophobic structure, designed to work as part of your wash routine to a add quick, effective and lasting layer of protection to your vehicle. It can also be mixed into any other water based product to give a hydrophobic boost.

Either wet or dry method will ensure your vehicle is protected against the elements.
Can be used on all exterior. - Use measurement syringe as provided.

Dry Application Guide.
Mix 4ml of product with 96ml of water, then using an applicator spread lightly across a panel at a time - Immediately buff with a microfibre cloth until residue removed to leave behind a glossy protected finish.

DO NOT apply in direct sunlight or onto hot panels. - Apply & Remove on each area before moving to the next panel.

Wet Application Guide.
Apply via a pressure washer foam lance.  Mix 15ml of product with 490ml of water.
Spray over the vehicle,  then immediately rinse thoroughly using a pressure washer to ensure all residue is removed.

Product Warning
HSi02 is an Active sealant. On wet application, it is imperative to fully rinse and remove product via pressure washer and not to allow to linger or allow to dry on paintwork. Use sparingly as over application or product not fully removed can result
in the product leaving a residue behind. - Test on a small area first. If the paint does show areas of residue, this can be removed using a micro polish on affected areas.

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