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Auto Finesse Rejuvenate Pre Wax Cleanser 500ml

Auto Finesse Rejuvenate Pre Wax Cleanser 500ml

Auto Finesse

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The Auto Finesse Rejuvenate pre-wax cleanser is a glaze-based abrasive designed specifically to enhance the beauty and performance of Auto Finesse signature waxes.

Rejuvenate contains deep cleansing solvents, glazing oils and fine diminishing abrasives to remove stubborn contaminates, oxidation and light swirling. The perfect base to apply wax.

Rejuvenate was designed for use with Auto Finesse’s Carnauba Waxes, in order to create a striking concours-level finish for your car or motorcycle. However, it can also be used before applying Tough Coat paint sealant, in order to add more wax-like depth and richness.

Rejuvenate can be applied by hand or dual-action polisher. If you’re a big fan of waxes, Auto Finesse Rejuvenate will become your new best friend.


Hand application: For hand application, we recommend using either a microfiber or foam applicator pad. Apply a small-coin sized drop of product to the applicator and work into the paint with light pressure until the residue turns clear. Use small, overlapping circular or linear motions when applying the product. For best results, confine yourself to working a small area at a time (no larger than 18 x 18 square inches). Once the product has been fully worked in, remove the residue immediately using a microfiber towel. For maximum gloss, or when working on very soft paint types, we recommend to use the black side of the foam applicator pad.

Dual Action Polisher: For application by Dual Action (DA) polisher, we recommend using a light foam finishing or polishing pad. Prime the pad with 2-4 pea-sized drops of product and spread onto a small area of the paint (no larger than 18 x 18 square inches) using the lowest setting on the machine. Work the product in using slow, even overlapping passes and light pressure until you see the residue starting to turn clear. At this stage, just before the residue disappears entirely, remove it immediately using a microfiber towel. For maximum polishing performance, or when working on harder paint types, we would recommend a slightly firmer foam polishing pad.

Pack contents:  1x Auto Finesse Rejuvenate Pre Wax Cleanser 500ml

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