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AutoBead Spray Sealant 500ml

AutoBead Spray Sealant 500ml


  • £13.95

This SiO2-based sealant repels dirt, amplifies shine, and provides up to 4 months protection.

  • Complete bodywork protection in under 15 minutes
  • Easy-to-use and effective in hot and cold weather
  • Gloss and shine that lasts for weeks, not days
  • Suitable for use as a drying aid or protection top up
How to Apply

Apply the Spray Sealant using the process outlined below:

  • Ensure surface is clean and dry.
  • Apply to each panel of the car and mist onto a short pile microfibre.
  • Using the short pile microfibre work evenly across the panel in straight lines.
  • Leave for up to three minutes and remove using a clean, dry microfibre towel.
  • Buff with a dedicated buffing towel to achieve an effortless high gloss finish.

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