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Rupes D-A Ultra-Fine Trial Kit 150mm


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The D-A ULTRA-FINE TRIAL KIT is a collection of Rupes ultra-fine finishing products designed to produce the highest possible optical clarity and reflectivity when used with the RUPES BigFoot polishing system. Whether you’re trying to achieve the highest levels of show car gloss or simply working on very delicate paint systems with minor defects you’ll find the D-A ULTRA-FINE TRIAL KIT has what you need. The Rupes advanced ultra-fine finishing polish, UNO PURE, pairs up perfectly with the white D-A ULTRA-FINE FOAM PADS to deliver incredible results, even on the most challenging paint systems. Included in the kit is a dual-sided premium microfiber cloth that makes the final wipe off easy and smooth.

Compatible tools: LHR15 Series - LK900E - LHR12E - LTA125

  • 1 Litre bottle UNO PURE polish
  • 2 D-A ULTRA-FINE foam polishing pads
  • 1 Premium dual-pile, Microfiber Cloth White


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