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Dodo Juice Pneu Look - Specialist Tyre and Trim Cleaner 1 Litre

Dodo Juice Pneu Look - Specialist Tyre and Trim Cleaner 1 Litre

Dodo Juice

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The Pneu Look, is designed to strip all grease, grime, oils and old dressings from the tyres to improve their appearance - and increase the longevity of subsequently applied dressings.

It uses a blend of surfactants and solvents - including pleasant citrus cleaners - to achieve this aim. Just pressure wash the tyres first, spray Pneu Look liberally over the tyres and then work it in with a tyre brush (or other stiff bristled brush), before rinsing thoroughly with water. If you then need to dry the tyre to apply a dressing, use an old lint-free rag or cloth. But in many cases, a dressing may not even be required - if your tyres are totally degreased they will look much better and may even bead water!

You can also use Pneu Look on trim, usually to help dressings or sealants bond better or perhaps because they have been contaminated by chalky residues from polishes. Again, you'll need to work the degreaser in using a (possibly softer bristled) brush and it may be necessary to repeat the process to remove particularly stubborn deposits. Take care on delicate or sensitive trim finishes; piano or gloss black external trim should not be tackled with strong trim cleaners or brushes of any kind.

Pneu Look comes in a convenient 1 litre spray, although it can be decanted and brushed on to relevant surfaces.

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