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Bouncer's Slick Mick Shampoo 500ml

Bouncer's Slick Mick Shampoo 500ml


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"Slicker than a dolphin wearing Raybans, smoother than a triple Gillette blade and safer than James May doing doughnuts in a 3 wheeler!"

Bouncer’s Slick Mick Shampoo is a highly-concentrated blend with no fillers or added foaming agents.

Bouncer's Slick Mick Shampoo provides excellent cleaning ability and superb slickness across your paintwork. Slick Mick is pH-neutral (PH7), so it is wax and sealant safe.

Used at a dilution rate of between 1-3 capfuls per 10 litre bucket (dependant on local water hardness), it offers outstanding value for money and features Bouncer's famous ‘Fizz’ fragrance!

Key Features:

  • Highly-concentrated blend;
  • No fillers or added foaming agents;
  • pH-neutral, wax and sealant safe;
  • Bouncer's famous 'Fizz' fragrance;
  • Super slick, just like Mick!


  • Also available in 1 Litre and 5 Litre sizes.

Pack contents: 1x Bouncer's Slick Mick Shampoo 500ml

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