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Bouncers Inside Job Interior Cleaner/Dressing - 500ml

Bouncers Inside Job Interior Cleaner/Dressing - 500ml


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Bouncers Inside Job is a water-based, safe, effective interior cleaner/dresser with active polymers to reduce dust build-up and UV damage. An anti-streak formula with an inspiring citrus based back fragrance to leave behind a gentle OEM look and finish.

Can be used on plastics, vinyl, and polycarbonate finishes.

Spray lightly and use a microfibre to remove, leaving behind a non-greasy feel or appearance. Anti-static protectors will keep your interior looking cleaner for longer.

Interior Use Only. Keep away from the steering wheel or driver/operational pedals.
For best results spray lightly. This product is ready to use and does not require dilution.

500ml with Spray Trigger.

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