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Flex Rapid Charger For 18V Cordless Batteries


  • £70.00

The Flex rapid charger is designed for charging 10.8 and 18.0 V battery packs. With large-format LCD display for battery diagnostics and charge levels.

Charging time 10,8 V approx. 40 min. for 2.5 Ah / 4.0 Ah and approx. 55 min. for 6.0 Ah batteries. Charging time 18 V: approx 40 min for 2.5 Ah and approx 45 min for 5.0 Ah. A special procedure charges 80% of the capacity after about 30 min.

With integrated battery pack cooler and overheating, discharge, and overload protection.

Suitable for use with:

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