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Britemax Leather Max 16oz

Britemax Leather Max 473ml


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Just like your skin, your car’s leather needs looking after and protecting if you want it to look its best and not show signs of ageing.

Leather Max cleans and conditions leather and vinyl trim, rehydrates leather so it stays healthy and doesn’t leave a greasy finish that will attract dust. It even adds a nice leather scent too.

The special formulation penetrates the surface unlike silicone treatments that simply sit on the surface and can attract dust.

Leather Max increases pliability, preventing cracking. The cream style consistency allows for controlled application versus spray type products. Not for use on suede.

How to use:

  1. Shake well.
  2. Apply a small amount to a microfiber applicator and apply in a small inconspicuous location to check for colourfastness.
  3. Rub evenly into the surface until the desired area is treated.

Pack contents: 1x Britemax Leather Max 473ml

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