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LC Power Tools UDOS 51E - 5 in 1 Electric Polisher & Sander + FREE UDO Pad Kit

LC Power Tools

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** Including ALL UDO Pads for FREE**

LC Power Tools introduces the UDOSⓇ 51E, the world’s first five-in-one professional polisher, offering five functions with one tool: rotary, sanding, 12, 15, and 21 mm random orbit polishing. The heavy-duty polisher is designed by LC Power Tools to replace five different tools detailers use

UDOS 51E is the first in a new line of professional power tools from LC Power Tools. Its worldwide patented user-friendly design allows for fast adjustment from a sander to a rotary tool to a random orbit/DA polisher with three throws to get more work done with just one tool. UDOS stands for User- Defined-Orbital-Stroke. The model number, 51E reinforces the five-in-one function of the tool and the “E” stands for electric.

Five in One Design: More Tool, Fewer Tools. UDOS 51E has five settings on the front collar: R-rotary, S-sanding, P1-12mm, P2-15mm, P3-21mm. The recommended applications for the five settings are: R = Rotary for Heavy Cutting

S = Sanding

P1=12 mm random orbit for Polishing and Finishing

P2: 15 mm random orbit for Light Cutting

P3 = 21 mm random orbit for Cutting

Switching between five-tool functions of the heavy-duty tool is easily accomplished by pushing down on the front collar and rotating it to the selected mode. With a 1200 Watt, 10 amp motor, UDOS 51E is the most powerful electric detailing tool, able to tackle any detailing challenge. UDOS 51E allows professionals to work faster, adjusting the tool to the job at hand, rather than reaching for another tool.

Highlights of UDOS 51E

Unique Backing Plate

An all new engineered five inch UDOS-specific backing plate dramatically increases airflow, using a patent-pending LC Power Tools design adapted from the aerospace industry. The unique backing plate maximizes tool performance while the increased air flow keeps the pad and tool cooler. The backing plate is well-marked to assist in adjusting the five-in-one stroke, allowing the user to easily see if the pad is rotating properly based on the job.

Dynamic Balance

Engineered from the ground up to meet the needs of professional detailers, UDOS 51E utilizes a unique dynamic balance system to provide smooth operation throughout the adjustment range. UDOS 51E is well balanced in each of the five tool settings.


UDOS 51E is the only polisher on the market to offer three different handle sizes for user comfort. While the tool will ship with a standard medium handle, two additional handle sizes will be available as accessories for detailers with either smaller or larger hands, providing a customized user experience. Non-marring rubber bumpers keep the tool stable when placed on the work surface and the over-moulded grip on the top of the tool dampens vibration and provides a more secure grip surface. The head of the tool includes built-in heat dissipation to keep users’ hands cool and the speed control is placed near the rear handle for easy adjustability during use.



    Innovative Features For Polishing: 

    Easy Adjustment Collar And Controls 

    Choose from 5 User- Defined Orbital Strokes with a simple twist of the front collar.  The variable speed control dial allows you to choose the right speed for the job. 


    UDOS® 51E in (R) Rotary Model

    UDOS® 51E in P1 mode (12mm Dual Action Orbit)


    UDOS® 51E in (S) Sanding Mode


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