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Labocosmetica Maintenance Program + FREE P-Ray Iron Remover 500ml Worth £13.00


  • £49.00

The #Labocosmetica Maintenance Program is the most effective way to properly clean and detail your car.

The Maintenance Kit Comprises of: 

1 x 1 Litre #Labocosmetica #Primus 

1 x 1 Litre #Labocosmetica #Purifica 

1 x 500ml #Labocosmetica #Semper 


1 x 500ml #Labocosmetica #P-Ray

First of all its necessary for us to show you the pH of the products: 

  • Alkaline product (>7pH) – effective on organic dirt, grease and smog = PRIMUS
  • Acid product (<7pH) – effective on inorganic dirt such as limescale and water spotting = PURIFICA
  • Neutral product (=7pH) – effective for daily cleaning = #SEMPER, #REVITAX

So, the perfect Maintenance Program will consist of the use of the basic wash #Primus + #Purifica + #Semper 

In terms of dilution we would recommend the following: 

If you wanted to wash and protect your car at the same time, simply replace the  #Semper with #Revitax wash and coat - The Protection Program. 

As an "extra BONUS", for the perfect WHEEL PROGRAM, decontaminate the rims using #Labocosmetica P-Ray after #Primus and before #Purifica FREE With this maintenance program!

This video will explain the #3pH system and how the products will clean and restore your vehicle to that "just detailed" finish! 



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