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EZ Detail Brush Set

EZ Detail Brush Set

EZ Detail

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We have combined the EZ Detail Brushes into this hand kit.

EZ Detail Flexible Wheel Cleaning Brushes are made from only the highest quality materials - Nylex bristles (soft yet durable), vinyl coated wire and bonded tip.

Get into all nooks and crannies with this versatile brush, perfect for hard to reach areas on motorcycles and cars. Ideal for getting behind brake callipers and between spokes as the brush bends and flexes.

The Large Brush measures approx 18" Long
The Short Brush measures approx 12" Long 

The GO EZ brush shares the same bristles as the EZ Detail Mini and Large brushes.

Key Features:

  • 16” long with a plastic handle;
  • 4” dome shaped head full of nylon and nylex memory bristles;
  • The handle and head have zero flex, making this brush ideal for tougher applications.
  • Deformed bristles (due to storage) spring back to life after exposure to warm water.

Made in America 

Pack contents: 

  • 1 x EZ Detail Flexible Wheel Brush Large - Blue
  • 1 x EX Detail Flexible Wheel Brush Small - Blue
  • 1 x EZ Detail GO EZ Brush - Blue

Available in Blue Only

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