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AutoBead All Purpose Cleaner 500ml

AutoBead All Purpose Cleaner 500ml


  • £7.95

A highly concentrated formulation able to effectively clean interior and exterior surfaces.
A versatile product suited for interior plastics, carpet and upholstery, engine bays, door shuts, wheel arch linings and tyre rubber.

How to Apply:

Apply the All Purpose Cleaner using the following process

  • Spray on application, agitating with a detailing brush or applicator.
  • Rinse with water or wipe away with a clean microfibre cloth.
  • For interior use dilute 10:1 for heavy soiling and up to 30:1 for general use.
  • For exterior use dilute 5:1 for heavy soiling, 10:1 for medium soiling, and up to 30:1 for light soiling.

Caution – may strip exterior wax and sealant protection if used non-diluted. Not suitable for use on leather.

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