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Auto Finesse Tripple 500ml

Auto Finesse Tripple 500ml

Auto Finesse

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Tripple is the perfect all-in-one cleaner polish. Enriched with pure Brazilian T1 Carnauba wax, its easy application will deep clean paintwork and add a protective layer of carnauba wax in one simple step, making it the ultimate product for the speedy detailer.

Tripple removes stubborn oxidation and contamination using deep cleansing solvents, whilst gently refining your paint’s surface to a high-gloss finish with fast-acting fine diminishing abrasives. It also leaves behind ultra-slick film formers to help obscure and glaze minor defects, whilst laying down T1 Grade Carnauba Wax to protect and lock in shine.

Auto Finesse Tripple all-in-one polish can be used on its own or as the base for Tough Coat or any Auto Finesse Carnauba waxes.


Hand Application

  1. We recommend using either Auto Finesse's Microfiber Spot Pad and Handi Puck or the Auto Finesse Polish Pads.
  2. Apply a small-coin sized drop of product to the spot pad or Polish Pad and work into the paint with light pressure until the residue turns clear. You may use either circular, or linear hand motions.
  3. For best results, confine yourself to working a small area at a time (no larger than 18 by 18 square inch) and leave the product to haze for several minutes before buffing off the residue using a microfiber towel.
  4. For maximum polishing performance, use the microfiber spot pad. For maximum gloss, or when working on very soft paint types, we recommend to use the black side of a the Tri Foam Applicator Pad for ultimate finishing potential.

Dual Action Polisher

  1. For application by Dual Action (DA) polisher, we recommend using a light foam finishing or polishing pad. Apply 2-3 small-coin sized drops to the pad and spread onto a small area of the paint (no larger than 18 by 18 square inch) using the lowest setting on the machine.
  2. Work the product in using slow, overlapping passes, very little pressure is needed. Allow Tripple to work until you see the residue starting to turn clear.
  3. At this stage only rely on the weight of your polisher for one more pass.
  4. Leave the residue to haze for a few minutes and buff off using a microfiber towel.
  5. For maximum gloss and finishing potential, a foam finishing pad is ideal. For maximum polishing performance, or when working on harder paint types, we would recommend a slightly firmer foam polishing pad.

Pack contents:  1x Auto Finesse Tripple 500ml

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