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Dodo Juice Clay Pad - Fine Grade

Dodo Juice Clay Pad - Fine Grade

Dodo Juice

  • £12.95

Dodo Juice have revised the design of their clay pads to make them even better to use.

They promise the same 'feel' you get with clay, by allowing you to handle the pad using your fingers in the same was as traditional claying. This lets you feel for decontaminated sections and follow swage lines.

An adjustable strap keeps the pad connected to your fingers and one size suits all.

The pads are removable, meaning that they can be replaced one at a time.

This fine grade clay pad is ideal for vehicles that are maintained on a regular basis, but may need a full decontamination prior to installing new wax or sealant.

How To Use:

  1. Wash your car as you normally would.
  2. Use an iron fallout and tar remover to remove as many initial 'unseen' contaminants as possible.
  3. Using Dodo Juice Clay lube or a slick mixture of Wax Safe Wash shampoo, use the clay pad to go back and forth over the panel you're working on. The clay lube or shampoo will help the clay pad glide and minimise marring.
  4. You'll hear your paint go from rough to smooth, it's very satisfying!
  5. Once you're happy with the surface, buff off any lube/shampoo residue and carry on to the next panel.
  6. After claying you're free to move on to further detailing or you may wish to install a wax or sealant.
  7. If you drop the clay you'll have to dispose of it - using clay that's been on the floor will install scratches into your paintwork.

Pack contents: 1x Dodo Juice Clay Pad - Fine Grade

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