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Britemax CLAYMAX Chemical Resistant Clay Bar 100g

Britemax CLAYMAX Chemical Resistant Clay Bar 100g


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CLAYMAX is the latest offering from Britemax. This clay bar is chemical resistant, so you can use Iron Max or Grime Out as a clay lube! Use CLAYMAX to prepare your paint and other surfaces for further polishing or finishing.

  • Professional grade surface preparation;
  • Chemically resistant - use with Iron Max;
  • Pulls potentially harmful bonded contaminants;
  • Makes decontaminating paintwork safer and easier;
  • Can use tap water as a lubricant;
  • Prepares paintwork for polishing;
  • Supplied in protective metal tin case.

Claymax is a professional grade (medium strength) chemical resistant clay bar. Designed to remove and eliminate all kinds of contaminants which can bond to the surface of your vehicles paint, windows and alloys.

Tree sap, road tar, bug residue, paint overspray and acid rain deposits are just a few of the containants that can bond to your vehicles paint and other surfaces.

Being chemical resistant, you can use Iron Max as a lubricant to remove not only organic and inorganic contaminants, but also iron particles saving you valuable time in the process.

Bonded contaminants just don't stand a chance with CLAYMAX, after use you'll be left with a silky smooth finish!

How To Use:

  • Wash your vehicle first and work in the shade or out of direct sunlight.
  • Cut and separate a section of the clay bar and form a small, flat, palm-sized piece.
  • Use a clay lube to glide the bar across the surface of the paint- you will hear the surface go from rough and contaminated to quiet and smooth.
  • For best results we recommend the use of either Spray & Shine or Iron Max (wear gloves).
    CLAYMAX can also be used with
    Grime Out.
  • During the claying process you'll see CLAYMAX become dirty: Continuously kneed the clayto reveal a fresh, clean clay surface.
  • Discard your clay if dropped on the ground - failing to do so will result in scratches being embedded into the surface you're working on!
  • Wash and rinse your vehicle after use and, if required, lightly polish with either Black Max or Perfect Prep to remove any marring.
  • Place any unused clay into the cellophane wrapper and store in the supplied tin.

​Pack contents: 1x Britemax CLAYMAX Chemical Resistant Clay Bar, 100g.

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