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Dodo Juice Captain Crevice - Microfibre Fingered Wheel Mitt

Dodo Juice

  • £12.00

Some wheel brushes can be quite harsh on soft wheel finishes, and you also run the risk of them flicking dirt or extra-strong wheel cleaner into your eyeballs during use.

And whilst you could use a regular mitt on your wheels, it's going to get filthy in no time and risk coming into contact with the ground; not good for a mitt that may see gleaming paintwork again. No, you need a dedicated product for the task.

So a specialist microfibre mitt that's gentle to your wheels, holds a lot of wash water and also lets you get a hand deep inside the wheel has been designed.

Captain Crevice helps you get into the smallest nooks and crannies. And being fully synthetic, it's easy to maintain. Just rinse it out and let it dry naturally - you can even wash it with the rest of your microfibres in the washing machine and tumble dry it after.

Wheel brushes, like our Barrel Brush and small Hog Brushes, still have their place and are a good idea for a complete wheel detailing regime, but once you try a wheel mitt you could well become a convert.

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