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Auto Finesse Micro Wash 500ml

Auto Finesse Micro Wash 500ml

Auto Finesse

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Auto Finesse Micro Wash is a microfibre detergent for washing your cloths, towels, mitts and applicators. Use by hand or in your washing machine.

Micro Wash cleans and reconditions your microfibre products to their original plushness.

How To Use:

By Hand

  1. Apply 50ml to a bowl of warm water
  2. Submerse your towels into the solution
  3. Work through and rinse
  4. Wring and leave to air dry 

In the Machine

  1. Pour approximately 50ml into the detergent tray
  2. Set to a cool 30 degree wash cycle
  3. Spin dry
  4. Do NOT tumble dry

Pack contents: 1x Auto Finesse Micro Wash 500ml

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