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REBLOG: A Day With Meguiar's Mirror Bright Range!

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Mirror Bright is Meguiar's collection of traditional car care products, re-crafted for today's enthusiasts! Slam Sanctuary spent a day with the range.

The guys over at Slam Sanctuary discovered that every product lives up to its expectations. Each of their cars were left with a beautiful gloss with minimum effort outside of the usual maintenance wash routine.

Mirror Bright Shampoo is a smooth, milky formula designed to wash all gloss paint types.

The shampoo rinses easily to reveal clean surfaces ready for drying.

Mirror Bright Wheel Cleaner removes brake dust and road grime associated with daily driving.

The pH-neutral solution will not harm even the most exclusive wheels.

Mirror Bright Polishing Wax is a great way to bring gloss and 'pop' back to paintwork. Simple to apply and buff off to finish your maintenance wash.

Mirror Bright Leather Lotion cleans, conditions and protects your leather interior.

To read the full feature, head over to Slam Sanctuary's blog.

We've covered just a few of the products in the Meguiar's Mirror Bright Range. Feel free to have a browse and please do contact Clean + Shiny if you have any questions.

The Clean + Shiny Team.

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