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New look Wheel Woolies, updated for 2018!

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Wheel Woolies, the original 3-Piece Brush Kit, updated for 2018.

Wheel Woolies Launch NEW Red/Black Wool Wheel Woolies.

Why have Wheel Woolies replaced the All Black Micropile brush part?

Wheel Woolies have experienced fantastic growth of their brand over the last few years, they have also seen an increasing amount of adverts for black natural wool cleaning brushes on various websites and market places. These black wool brushes look like the original woolies.

However, that's where it ends. Low cost wool brush kits made in China are not anywhere near the same quality as the genuine Wheel Woolies. The wool brush parts are glued to a rigid handle and, once the glue dissolves in water, the brush part falls off the handle.

Because black wool brushes look like the original Wheel Woolies and are low priced, Wheel Woolies have found customers are being confused or misled, thinking these are the same as genuine Wheel Woolies.

To meet this challenge, as well as protecting the original Wheel Woolies, a newly developed and distinctive, 2-colour micropile fiber has been released. The 2-colour red and black micropile fiber has the same chemistry as the all-black microfiber. The red and black Wheel Woolies’ performance and longevity are equivalent to the all black original Wheel Woolies. Only the colour has changed.

Wheel Woolies 3 Piece Wheel Cleaning Kit

All Braun Automotive car care brush products and Wheel Woolies are “Made in the US”, at the Braun Brush facilities, to strict quality standards.

Wheel Woolies 3 Piece Wheel Cleaning Kit

We have just taken stock of the new brushes with easy grip handles - they look fantastic!

Take a look:  Wheel Woolies & Comfort Grip Handles - Original 3-Piece Brush Kit, Made in USA.

Available to buy online with FREE and Express UK Delivery available, or collect from our shop in Aldershot, Hampshire.

If you have any questions about the new Wheel Woolies, or any other products, feel free to contact us, we're here to help.

The Clean + Shiny Team.

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