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Dr Leather Products Arrive At Clean + Shiny

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Dr Leather - Leather Cleaner 500ml | Clean + Shiny

(Above: Dr Leather Cleaner Spray 500ml, The Rag Company Drago Towel)

We've expanded our collection of leather care products with Dr Leather Leather Wipes, Leather Cleaners and Dye Block. The new lineup is in stock for immediate dispatch as well as collection, in-person, from our shop in Aldershot, Hampshire.

Having been involved in the leather industry for over two decades, Dr Leather produces a range of leather care products, designed by Leather Technicians, with a specific blend of polymers and cleaning agents that rejuvenate your leather upholstery and trim.

Advanced Formula Leather Cleaner Wipes

Dr Leather Wipes (150 Pack)

These pre-impregnated wipes are really handy when you need to quickly tidy up your leather. Wipe your seats and trim, then buff clean with a microfiber towel.

Available in a 40 Pack or 150 Pack.

Advanced Formula Leather Cleaner Spray

Dr Leather Advanced Formula Leather Cleaner Spray 500ml

Comes in two different sizes and is aimed at customers who prefer to spray, clean and buff to get their leather looking its best.

Available in 500ml and 1 Litre.

Dye Block

Dr Leather Dye Blocker 250ml

Reduces the chance of dye transfer on leather upholstery from blue jeans, belts and other types of clothing. Dye Block also helps to reduce dirt and body oil build-up.

Available in a convenient 250ml bottle.


As usual, if you require assistance with your choice of products, feel free to get in touch as we're here to help. Alternatively, we offer various leather cleaning services via Clean + Shiny Detailing.

The Clean + Shiny Team.

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